January 2019 Collages

I completed two collages in January 2019. I hadn’t made any arts or crafts for a few years while focusing on “being an adult.” I’m not doing terribly well at that, so I think hobbies may help me feel a bit more centered.

The first collage I’m calling “Dream State.” It is a basic collage using floral patterned paper a book that I got at Blick Art Materials as well as photography that I sourced from modern fashion magazines and retro/vintage art magazines I found in, what my mom would call a “junk store.”

The second collage I decided to call “Rebel (Crafty) Girl.” It reminds me of all of my scrapbooking and middle school and high school projects. I would always find a way to incorporate collage, diorama, or some sort of arts & crafts into my projects. I think this is the exact sort of thing that I would have made between the ages of 12 and 15, and I’m kind of into it.

Dream State Collage (large)

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 11.42.33 AM copy

Rebel (Crafty) Girl Collage (small)

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 11.47.35 AM

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