2020 Distance

Its the end of the year and I have been reminiscing. As the semester ends and I plan for starting anew in 2021, I have been thinking about how tough this year was. I in no way have had a bad year in comparison to the many issues other people have been dealing with in 2020 from sickness, the death of family and friends, to businesses closing or laying off employees, and other financial woes, however the year was still a rough one for me mentally and emotionally. Last year I went on a trip with a friend rather than going home to visit my family for the holidays and this year I am not visiting to try and stay safe in light of Covid-19. I really miss my mom and sister.

I had all sorts of plans this year, including moving back to the Midwest for my graduate program and taking new steps in my career in a new city. This move would have also enabled me to be closer to my family and visit more often and less expensively. However, due to the pandemic, these plans were derailed and I am working on my doctoral degree virtually and remotely. This year has been rough on my mother physically, though thankfully not due to Covid-19 and I haven’t been able to visit. My little sister also started her higher education this year and has not been able to have a typically experience either due to distance learning.

I am thankful that my family that did contract Covid-19 have been able to recover and that most of us have been good about taking the necessary precautions. I am also glad that we have been “ok” for the most part in most respects this year, but I still mourn for the 2020 that I thought that we would have. Instead of stewing on this too much, I have gathered some of my fave old pics from previous trips to MI and taken a walk down memory lane. I have also considered the things I’d like to do on my next visit to the Detroit Metro area with my mom and sister. I encourage anyone in the area now to check out these places if you can or revisit them if you’ve been before when we are able to congregate safely. P.S.– ChowdownDetroit is a great Instagram for Detroit Metro Area restaurants, I have many new places to try out on my list from this page.

Happy End of the Year! Let’s hope 2021 is a better one. ❤

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