Nervous Collage Making

I am really nervous about the upcoming week. I am beginning a new graduate program as well as transitioning to a different position at work in order to focus on school. I feel nervous for a variety of reasons, ranging from time management and financial concerns of being a full time student again, to a sense of imposter syndrome about my intelligence and ability. This has led me to spend my free time obsessing about silly, inconsequential things such as phone games (specifically EverMerge and Cooking Diary) and making collage art. I am hoping that my nerves and anxiety will get under control as I start to actually work, but I am also happy to have a few fun distractions. Three cheers for those who are making moves during this pandemic!

“We Don’t Speak the Same Language Anymore”
“Time Traveling”
“For Us”
“Emotional Eating”
“World in a Shoe”

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