Quarantine Collages and Rambling

Honestly, I haven’t been that motivated to be creative during ~lockdown~ here on the East Coast. I have some major life changes coming up and I can feel the transition of one chapter in my life coming to a close as another begins. I’m very excited for my new path, but I still have many things to do before this chapter truly comes to a close and I can move on. Dealing with this, while also trying to WFH successfully (I’ve been out of my office since mid-March), keeping up to date on current events (the upcoming election, police brutality, rampant racism and xenophobia, and of course our good sis COVID-19), and trying to make moves behind the scenes is emotionally and mentally exhausting. I also worry about my family and friends across the country. But, I have made a few new collages despite all that is going on. Nothing earth shattering, but I did enjoy the process of having one crafty afternoon and focusing my attention on something that I just do for my own enjoyment.

2: “All Emotions I Use”
3: “Out of this World”
4: “Incredible Girls”

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